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What is a Woodpecker Questionnaire?
What is a Woodpecker Questionnaire?

Easily create shareable questionnaires based on Woodpecker templates

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Automatically generate a seamless client-facing questionnaire from your Woodpecker templates, that can be sent via email and completed at the recipient's convenience. Automate the boring, margin-erasing tasks with ZERO programming, freeing you and your staff up to spend more time doing value-added work.

Use Cases

  • Streamline the client intake process

  • Empower team members to utilize your Woodpecker templates without having to download Woodpecker or use Microsoft Word

  • Empower clients to generate new documents without exposing the inner-workings of the templates themselves

  • Using the "Shareable link", post a link to the questionnaire anywhere you see fit (i.e. your website, your own firm-branded email, etc.).

  • Integrates with Custom Branding

Key Features

  1. Automated workflow with ZERO programming

  2. Send the same questionnaire to as many people as you want for them to complete

  3. No account or login required to fill out a questionnaire

  4. Generate questionnaires from template(s) in your Document Collection (including β€œshared” documents)

  5. After creating a questionnaire and entering a valid recipient email address, your work is done! An email with the link will be immediately sent to your recipient(s).

  6. Works almost identical to Multi Populate

  7. All fields requiring user input are supported (not conditionals or formulas)

  8. Supports mandatory and optional questions

  9. Ability to provide descriptions for each question, which will give more context to a submitter

  10. Customize your questionnaire with Advanced settings

  11. Shared between the members of your team, like the clause library and document collection

How It Works

  1. Create a Woodpecker Template (or use an existing one) that will be the basis of the questionnaire

  2. Upload the template to your Document Collection

  3. Navigate to the Woodpecker Dashboard, and sign in with your existing account credentials

  4. Click the "Create a new questionnaire" button

5. Select your template(s)

6. Add a questionnaire title (NOTE: this title will be visible by your questionnaire recipients)

7. Review your fields. Here, you can:

1. Make a field optional by using the toggle. By default, all fields in your template are required to be filled out by the questionnaire submitter before their responses can be submitted. However, here, you can change this behavior to make a field optional. A questionnaire submitter would be able to see the optional questions, but can still submit their responses if these questions are left blank. Required fields are denoted with the red asterisk.

2. Edit each field name and/or provide a description by clicking on the pencil icon. The field name becomes the exact question in the questionnaire. The field description can be used to provide a submitter additional guidance when answering the questions. The descriptions are pre-populated with the field's guidance notes, if they are provided. See below for how the field descriptions are displayed to the submitter.

3. Exclude the field from the questionnaire entirely by clicking on the eye icon. You can re-include the field by clicking on the icon a second time.

A summary of the above-referenced features are demonstrated in the below gif.

8. OPTIONAL: Add in one or many valid email addresses. If you would like to have an automated email sent to a specific recipient, add their email here.

At this time, your recipient(s) will receive an email with the link to fill out the questionnaire. This link has no expiration, however, once each recipient fills out and submits the questionnaire, that recipient cannot re-submit it.

9. An alternative to adding a specific email address mentioned in the previous step is to use the "Shareable link". Anybody with this link can fill out the questionnaire. To access this link, just click the "Copy" button, and then paste the link at the location of your choice. As mentioned in the "Use Cases" section, this could be posted on your website, or your own email you can send directly to clients.

Clicking the "Generate new link" text under the "Shareable link" replaces the old link with a new one. This is useful if you want to make anybody with the old link unable to use the questionnaire, but do not want to delete it.

In order for the "Shareable link" to be accessible, it must be associated with an active questionnaire. This means that the questionnaire must be saved (next step) and visible in your list of questionnaires. If you delete the questionnaire, the "Shareable link" is deleted as well.

10. Click "Save", and you're done!

After a recipient completes a questionnaire, they will receive an email with a summary of their responses as a CSV file. You (the questionnaire creator) will receive an email with their responses attached, as well as a zip file consisting of the documents that formed the questionnaire, already populated with their responses.
* Please note that this zip file is only contained in your email, it is NOT uploaded to your Document Collection at this time.

For Recipients

Please note that mandatory questions will be denoted with a red asterisk. The recipient will be unable to submit the questionnaire until each of these fields have been filled in.

Best Practices

  1. In order to test a questionnaire before sending it to your recipients, we recommend sending it to yourself first or using the "Shareable link" to see how the questionnaire works for your clients.

  2. When you create a questionnaire, Woodpecker takes a "snapshot" of the underlying template(s). Meaning, any updates made to the underlying templates will not be incorporated into previously created questionnaires, even if you save updated versions of these templates back to your Document Collection. In order for updates to underlying templates to be reflected in a questionnaire, you must create a new questionnaire.
    The questionnaires are designed this way so you or someone on your team does not inadvertently overwrite the questionnaire after updating a template, changing its behavior. Therefore, it is recommended that your templates are finalized before spending significant time creating questionnaires.

"Shared" Questionnaires

Questionnaires created by other members of your team will be visible in your dashboard, and are denoted by the "shared" icon (highlighted in the screenshot below). Anyone on the team can edit or share a shared questionnaire, however only the original creator has the ability to delete it.


  1. At this time, the final email size (including attachments) must be 10 mb or less. If your documents that form the basis of a questionnaire are larger than this in aggregate, please consider reducing the file size. If your documents must be this large, please reach out and we will provide additional information.

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