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Share frequently used Woodpecker Templates with your team

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The Woodpecker Document Collection now has an effective and effortless way to share your frequently used templates with other Woodpecker users on your team.  If you are subscribed to a Pro plan or above, the templates saved to each team member's Document Collection are automatically aggregated and shared with every other teammate. Your team consists of all registered users on your plan. Please let us know if you wish to add additional users to your plan or if you have any questions about the best ways to take advantage of sharing the Document Collection.

Key Features

  • Only the user who originally uploads a template (referred to as the "admin") may edit or delete this template via the Document Collection.

  • All users on your team have access to populate a shared template via the Multi Populate feature.

  • Other team members can download and view any document.

  • All templates uploaded to your Document Collection are automatically shared with your team.

  • This sharing feature is automatically available and enabled on Pro plans and above (see the Pricing Page for additional info).

How do I know if I am the "admin" of a template?

The template administrator ("admin") is simply the user who originally uploaded the template to the Document Collection. This user is the only one who can edit, delete, or download the template. This permissioning is designed to prevent unauthorized users from modifying the template after it is created, ensuring your team is using only approved, standardized templates.

To determine if you are the "admin" of a template in your Document Collection, first navigate to the "Collection" page from the Woodpecker menu. Find the template and hover your mouse on the right of the template name. If you are the "admin" of the template, you will see three buttons which allow you to download, edit or delete the template.  Please check out the Document Collection article for additional information about these features. 

If you are not the template "admin", you will instead see a "shared" icon when hovering over the name. You will not be able to edit or delete the template, however, you can populate it with the Multi Populate feature as well as download like any other document.

If your team requires additional custom permissioning beyond the default settings that the document collection provides, please let us know.

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