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Specify Arbitrary Emails to Receive Questionnaire Submissions
Specify Arbitrary Emails to Receive Questionnaire Submissions

Choose who receives the confirmation emails when your clients submit responses to your questionnaires.

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Typically, when a Woodpecker questionnaire is submitted, the questionnaire creator receives a confirmation email, along with the populated templates and questionnaire responses attached. One of the advanced options available allows you to override this behavior and specify who will receive the confirmation email from a questionnaire submission.

Whether you've created a new questionnaire or you're editing an existing one, simply scroll to the advanced settings at the bottom:

Toggle this setting on, and then input the email address(es) where you'd like to receive the confirmation emails:

Items to Note

  • This option overrides the existing behavior. The questionnaire creator WILL NOT receive the confirmation email unless their email address is also input.

  • If you input multiple email addresses, please separate each new entry with a comma.

  • The email addresses you input will be set to Blind Carbon Copy (BCC). This is to prevent recipients from seeing each other, in the event that you want to privately send an email to multiple recipients (such as different clients).

  • The recipients entered are saved to that specific questionnaire, and are not set for all questionnaires you and your team create.

  • Recipients can be added, edited, or removed at any time.

Once you're done inputting email addresses, simply click "Save" to complete this process!

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