Woodpecker questionnaires can be configured for more advanced use cases, such as generating conditional questions.

The conditional question functionality works seamlessly with the native conditional field's "Input" and "Single select" "THEN" types, used to create conditional logic from within a template. Conditional questions are only displayed to the questionnaire submitter if a condition from a previous question is satisfied.

Below, we will walk through a basic example that will highlight the above-referenced functionality.

  • Set up your "trigger" field in a template: The "trigger" field is simply the Woodpecker field that your conditional field will depend on upon. For this example, we will set up a "yes" or "no" question with a "Single select" field: Are you retired?

  • Configure your conditional logic: Next, we create the Conditional field (referred to here as a "child" field of the "parent" field Are you retired?) that references the field we created in the previous step and add the logic: "IF" the answer to Are you retired? "EQUALS" Yes.

  • Make sure to choose the "Input" or "Single select" "THEN" type: This is a critical step. The "THEN" "Input" or "Single select" type must be selected in order for the conditional to flow into a questionnaire. The full logic for this conditional now reads as: "IF" the answer to Are you retired? "EQUALS" Yes, "THEN" "Input" What age did you retire?

  • Save the template to your Document Collection

  • Create a questionnaire from this template: First, navigate to the Woodpecker Dashboard. The process of creating a conditional questionnaire is the same as creating a regular one. The only difference is that the conditional input fields are denoted with the curly braces icon. These "child" fields are always shown directly below the "parent" field, no matter where the "child" field is organized in the original template.

  • That's it!: Your questionnaire is now ready to be used. Check out how the conditional logic works in practice below!

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