Say you have a document with a variable number of recipients, you have Woodpecker fields for reach recipient's name, and you want to adjust the final signature line for the document so that it depends on the number of recipients as well as lists their names.

This is a great use case for using Macros and Conditionals together to create a dynamic signature line in your document.

In this guide we'll:

  1. Create fields for each recipient (Person 1 and Person 2)

  2. Create a field that identifies the recipient's relationship to each other.

  3. Create a conditional field that assembles the final signature line.

Create fields for reach recipient name

To start, create a field for each recipient (Person 1 and Person 2).

Create a field that identifies the recipient's relationship

Next we'll create a "Relationship" field with four options ("mother", "father", "son", "daughter").

Create a Conditional field called "Signature Line"

To assemble the final signature line, we'll create a Conditional field and set up three conditions: 

  1. IF "Person 1" "is not empty"  AND "Person 2" "is not empty" THEN {Person 1} and their {Relationship} {Person 2} 

  2. IF "Person 1" "is not empty"   AND "Person 2" "is empty"  THEN {Person 1} 

  3. IF "Person 1" "is empty"    AND "Person 2" "is not empty"   THEN {Person 2} 

The signature line will pull in the values of "Person 1" and "Person 2" along with the value in the "Relationship" field and form a final signature line depending on whether a value is specified for "Person 1" or "Person 2" or both.

First condition

Second condition

Third condition

You're all set!

Insert your "Signature Line" field into the document by clicking the plus button to the left of the field name (learn more about inserting fields into your document) and your signature line is ready to go! 

Have more questions about setting up your own custom signature line? Let us know via the chat widget in the bottom right of your screen and we'll help you out!

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