1) Signatory name left-aligned with signature line:

To create this signature line, use a Multiline text field. Multiline text fields inherit the styling of the document wherever they're placed.

You can also make Name a dynamic value, by inserting the macro for the Name field under the signature line, rather than using static text.

(To create the Macro, simply just select the Name field from your list of fields in the grey field box to the right)

2) Signatory name center-aligned with signature line:

To create this signature line, use two Single Line text fields. Each field will inherit the styling of the document where it is placed, so the fields can be aligned separately.

Use tabs, indents, or rulers to align the Single Line Text field for Name.

3) Multiple signatory names

The best way to handle this formatting is to use a table. For this example, we created a table with Number of Columns = 2 and Number of Rows = 2, to get four signature lines.

Create your Single Line text fields: one for the signature line and one for the signatory name, and insert these two fields into the cells of the table.

Change alignment options for the fields in the cells using the Word controls.

Remove borders by clicking on the Table, to activate the Table Design menu in the Word ribbon. Select Borders > No Border.

4. Inserting Signature Lines using a Text Box

Another container you can use for formatting a Signature Line is a Text Box.

Go to Insert > Text Box > Draw Text Box

Use your cursor to draw your box where you want it on the document (you can also drag + drop to move it), and insert your Woodpecker fields directly into the Text Box.

Create as many Text Boxes as you'd like:

Remove the borders by clicking on the Text Box, to activate the Shape Format menu in the Word ribbon. Select Shape Outline.

Choose No Outline to remove borders from Text Box.

Need to have the number of signature lines dynamically changed based on the number of signatories? Read more about how to do this in Dynamic Signature Lines.

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