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Overview of MyCase - Woodpecker Integration
Overview of MyCase - Woodpecker Integration
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The integration between Woodpecker and MyCase allows you to use existing MyCase data to create documents directly from within MyCase and generate multiple documents at the same time for one or multiple clients.
Populating your templates within MyCase is simple, watch our video below:

Follow the simple steps below to setup the integration:

1. Adding your Woodpecker API key to your MyCase account

  • This step ensures that your Woodpecker Document Collection is synced with MyCase so you can automatically generate new documents from within MyCase.

  • This setup only needs to be done by one member of your team who has access to Woodpecker and MyCase and the sync will be active for all users on your team.

  • Follow these steps to get your API key

  • Once you get your API key, you'll just need to copy/paste the key into MyCase: Setting > Integration & Apps > click Setup in the Woodpecker tile (read steps here).

  • If you can't find your API key, please read this Article.

2. Mapping fields in your Woodpecker templates to MyCase attributes

  • This step will allow you to map your Woodpecker fields to a corresponding MyCase attribute while building your Woodpecker templates. Every Woodpecker field that you map to a MyCase field will be auto-populated with client/case data during the document drafting process within MyCase.

  • This setup is required by every member of your team who will be building Woodpecker templates.

  • Follow these steps to Connect MyCase and Woodpecker.

  • Congrats! Now you can start building your templates and map Woodpecker fields with corresponding MyCase attributes.

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