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Mapping MyCase Fields to Woodpecker Fields
Mapping MyCase Fields to Woodpecker Fields

A step-by-step guide on mapping your MyCase data to Woodpecker fields to save time on frequently populated templates within MyCase.

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Once you have completed the MyCase/Woodpecker Integration setup, you are ready to start connecting fields between the two platforms! Mapping your fields will help speed up the process of populating your Woodpecker templates with Client and Case information you already have saved in MyCase.

Items to Note

  • Field mapping works the same way for new or existing Woodpecker fields.

  • Please verify that you have linked your MyCase account in the Woodpecker add-in. To see the steps for that process, please refer to this article.

  • Currently, you will need our team to enable this feature for you. If you are interested in using it, please reach out to

How it Works

  1. Create a new Woodpecker field that you would like to map to MyCase, or map an existing field by selecting the "Edit" option.

  2. Toggle on the option labeled "Mapped to MyCase?".

  3. A new dropdown will appear, allowing you to select the MyCase field you would like to map to this Woodpecker field.

    Note: If you know the name of the MyCase field you want to link, you can type that name in the "Find field" search box!

  4. Once you have linked the MyCase and Woodpecker fields, click "Save".

    Note: If the MyCase and Woodpecker fields are linked correctly, you should see a MyCase icon appear next to the field type icon.

  5. After you have finished linking the fields you want to map, save this template to your Document Collection to access it in MyCase.

  6. Following the process to populate a Woodpecker template in MyCase (as outlined in this article), you should now see relevant case data pre-populate your fields!

Note: If you have multiple clients assigned to the same case, this flow works exactly the same, although you will now see an additional drop down for each client.

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