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Setting Up the MyCase Integration
Setting Up the MyCase Integration

Connect your Woodpecker account in MyCase.

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Bringing your MyCase and Woodpecker accounts together is a quick and easy process, as we outline in this article. Follow these simple steps and you will have this integration up and running in no time!

Items to Note

  • This integration is available to users with active subscriptions to both MyCase and Woodpecker as well as to users with an active Woodpecker trial.

  • A Woodpecker API Key is required to complete the setup process.

    • Follow the steps in this article if you need to retrieve your API key.

    • Consult our pricing page for up-to-date information on our subscription tiers that include API access.

  • If you do not see the Woodpecker tile on the MyCase Integrations & Apps page, please contact our team at

  • This setup is only required to be done by one member of your MyCase team, and it will be applied to all other users.

How it Works

  1. Log into your MyCase account and navigate to the Dashboard.

  2. Near the top right corner of the page, click the "Settings" tab with the gear icon, then click "Integrations & Apps".

  3. On the Integrations & Apps page, scroll down to the Woodpecker tile and click "Set Up" to add your API Key.

    Note: If you change your API key in the Woodpecker add-in or wish to connect a different one, you'll need to come back to this page and click "Change API Key" to update it in MyCase as well.

Once you’ve added your API key, the setup process is complete! You can now start generating documents using information you’ve collected in MyCase. From here, we recommend checking out this article to learn more about how to populate your Woodpecker templates with MyCase data.

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