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Conditional Fields Depending on Other Conditional Fields (Nested Conditionals)
Conditional Fields Depending on Other Conditional Fields (Nested Conditionals)

Conditional fields: create seamless client experiences with Woodpecker Questionnaires

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Let’s say we want to create a questionnaire and include a question that asks for the number of children a Decedent has (these questions will all be conditional inputs, so they will only display when relevant) then, whether the children are living or deceased, you may want to ask some follow-up questions.

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  • Create your trigger question (single-select field) with the options you want your clients to choose from. Then create conditional inputs to ask the Children’s names and a conditional single-select to ask if they are deceased or not. (step by step instructions here).

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  • Next, we'll want to create the “Child 1: State and Year of Death” field if they are deceased and “Child 1: Address” if they are not deceased.
    When you start creating this field, you will see that the “Child 1 Deceased?” is not on the IF statement dropdown list.

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  • We have to transfer this field’s value to a formula field, so this field will appear in the IF statement dropdown:

    Duplicate the conditional field you want to use in the IF statement, change the field type to Formula, and in the Formula textbox, reference the field.

  • This will transfer any information entered into the “Child 1 Deceased?” field into the formula field.
    Now, this formula field will be available in your IF statement selection in the original conditional field.

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Note: Formula fields don’t require user input, they will be hidden in questionnaires, and you can turn on the Simple view to hide them in the Word add-in. See our pricing page to determine if your plan includes Formula fields.

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