Integrating Payment Collection into Your Automation Flow

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With the addition of Woodpecker's Payments feature, you can now get responses from, generate documents for, and collect fees from your clients all in the Woodpecker Dashboard! We've outlined the steps to setup Payments below; if you're looking for the steps to collect payments via a questionnaire, you can find that in this article!

If you are interested in using this feature, please reach out to We will answer any questions for you and enable this feature on your account.

Use Cases

  • Collecting fees from clients

  • Seeing a history of payments collected via questionnaires

Key Features

  1. Integration with questionnaires

  2. Payout to your bank account

  3. Support for customers in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Spain (if you are based in another country and interested in this feature, please inquire at

  4. Fee of 3.9% + 30¢ per successful charge for customers based in the United States (50¢ minimum charge)

How It Works

  1. Once this feature is enabled for you, click the "Payments" tab in the Dashboard to navigate to the Payments page.

  2. Click the "Get started" button to begin the setup process (Note: Clicking this button will redirect you to Stripe, our payments partner, for setup).

  3. You will be prompted to enter the information for the account where you'd like to receive your collected payments.

  4. Once you've finished entering your information, you'll be returned to the Payments page in the Dashboard. If you need more time to complete the form, you can close out of the window and return at a later time. Your information will be saved in the system.

  5. After submitting your information, it make take a moment for this to reflect in the Dashboard. Once that process is complete, the Payments page should show "Payments collected" and "Your balance" as in the screenshot below:

    One last item to note: once a customer submits a payment, you will first see it in the "Payments collected this week" section. This is to show that the payment was successfully collected, but does not mean that it is immediately available for your account.

    Once the funds have been processed and cleared through Stripe (typically 2 business days), you'll see the collected payment in the "Your balance" section. Once per day, our system will automatically check for any processed and cleared payments, and deposit them into your linked account. Typically, the funds will be deposited within 2 business days, but the first deposit may take longer.

    And that's all there is to it! To start enabling your questionnaires for payment collection, we'd encourage you to view this article on our Help Center.

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