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Adding Payments to Questionnaires
Adding Payments to Questionnaires

Collect payments from your customers using your Questionnaires

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Once you've completed the Payments setup, you're ready to start collecting payments! Simply follow the steps outlined in this article, and you'll have your first payments enabled questionnaire in no time! Curious about how to create your first questionnaire? We have an article prepared for that process too!


  • You can enable payments on any new or existing questionnaire

  • You must complete the onboarding process before the Payments option will become available

How It Works:

  1. While creating or editing a questionnaire, look for the "Collect payments (optional)" toggle and click to enable it.

  2. Input the amount you would like to charge. If necessary, you can change your currency type or edit the "Payment terms" text at this time.

  3. Save your questionnaire.

  4. When a client fills out a payments enabled questionnaire, they'll be required to input their payment information in the section at the bottom before they can submit the questionnaire.

  5. Once they've submitted the questionnaire, you'll see their payment reflected in the "Payments collected this week" item on the Payments page.

And that's all there is to it! Have more questions about collecting payments with Woodpecker? Check out the full article!

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