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Integration: Using Zapier with Woodpecker
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Create contacts in Outlook when Woodpecker questionnaires are submitted
Create contacts in Outlook when Woodpecker questionnaires are submitted

Woodpecker and Outlook Integration via Zapier

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This Zap automatically creates a New Contact in Microsoft Outlook when someone submits a Woodpecker Questionnaire.

If you don't want to build it from scratch try our pre-built Zap here.

Note: Please keep in mind that only questionnaires submitted in the last hour will be returned, so it is recommended that you submit a test questionnaire on your own account shortly before setting up the Zap.

Below you can find step-by-step guidance on how to create this Zap:

Step 1:

  • Go to your Zapier Dashboard and click on " Create Zap"

  • Choose app & event: Select Woodpecker as the app

  • Choose account: Log in to your Woodpecker account. ( You will need your Woodpecker API key, which you can get here)

  • Set up trigger: Select the one that you recently submitted

Step 2:

  • Choose app & event: Select Outlook, and add "Create Contact" as an action event

  • Choose account: Log in to your Outlooks account

  • Set up action: Match the corresponding fields from Woodpecker submission to the Outlook Fields.

Click on each field that you want to match and select the correct Woodpecker questionnaire field:

Step 3:

  • Test your Zap: Submit a Woodpecker questionnaire and see if you have the new lead created in Outlook!

  • Turn on your Zap!

Pro Tip:

When you set up a Zap for Questionnaire submission, it will trigger every questionnaire you have in your account. You may have questionnaires that you don't want to connect with your Platform though.

Read more here about how to filter questionnaires in Zapier.

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