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Deleting Client Records (Data Management)
Deleting Client Records (Data Management)

Remove unwanted client data from the Data Management tab of the Woodpecker Dashboard.

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There may come a point where you wish you remove data that you have collected through questionnaires, like responses from a former client that you no longer want or need to retain. We offer a quick and easy method for deleting those records!

Note: While you can remove the records that you have collected in the Data Management section, this does not affect the underlying questionnaire or the original responses.

To delete the items in the Data Management tab, follow these simple instructions:

1) Select the checkmark to the left of the user/records that you would like to remove.

2) Click the options button on the top right (next to the "Edit columns" button), and then click "Delete selected records".

3) A modal will pop up to confirm the number of records you've selected. To remove these records, click "Yes, delete".

That's all there is to it! If you have any questions regarding this process, Data Management in the Woodpecker Dashboard, or anything else, please feel free to reach out to our team any time.

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