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Create Sections in a Questionnaire
Create Sections in a Questionnaire

Segment parts of the questionnaire to make them more readable

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If you have a Woodpecker Questionnaire with many questions, it may look cluttered to a submitter. It is helpful to segment parts of the questionnaire to both make it look more readable, as well as provide additional guidance to the submitter. Creating sections can be done by following the below steps:

  • While creating a new questionnaire or editing an existing one, click on the "Add questionnaire section" icon. This icon can be found on every questionnaire field. A new section will then be placed directly above this field.

  • Edit the section name, and if you wish, write a section description to provide additional guidance to your users.

  • By default, a new section is placed directly above the field where you click the "Add questionnaire section" icon. However, just like reordering questionnaire fields, you can re-arrange sections by clicking and dragging the dots adjacent to the section.

  • Save the questionnaire.

  • Your questionnaire will now be segmented into sections!

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