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Advanced Tips for "IF" Section in Conditional Fields

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Conditional fields are immensely powerful (especially when used alongside Single Selects, Formulas, and Macros) and include several advanced features that can help you represent complex logic within your document.

In this article, we will show some advanced tips that you can you with the "IF" section.

Adding additional constraints to individual conditions using "AND" & "OR"

You can add additional constraints to an individual condition by adding additional “AND” or “OR” clauses. For example, you could specify that an individual condition should only evaluate to TRUE if “Client name” is “John Smith” and “Client age” is greater than “30.”

You can chain as many "AND" and "OR" clauses together within a condition. To change if all of the chained clauses are "AND" or "OR," just click the dropdown icon on the first "AND" or first "OR."

Copying Individual Conditions

Duplicating individual conditions is as easy as copying and pasting. Simply click on the “Copy” icon (as shown below), and your condition will be duplicated and placed directly underneath the condition that was copied. This can help you save time when building more complex conditional logic.

Once you copied those conditions, you can make any edits you need rather than build each logic statement from scratch.

Once your IF section is set up, you can choose from 5 options in THEN section for specifying a value. Read more about it here.

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