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Woodpecker Shows a Blue Screen Once Open
Woodpecker Shows a Blue Screen Once Open

When opening Woodpecker in Word, do you see a blue screen? If so then try using the tips in this article to resolve it.

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When opening Woodpecker, does it look like this?

Does Woodpecker show that it’s loading then switch to a solid blue screen?

Does the issue persist if you open an existing document or attempt to create a new one?

There are a few reasons this could be occurring. Follow these steps to resolve it:

1) Restarting your computer.

2) Ensuring Microsoft Word is up to date. More information on how to update Word can be found here (

  • This is important because there was a Word bug in a previous version that did not allow any add-ins to work if there was an apostrophe anywhere in the filepath of the document.

  • This prevented Woodpecker from loading however it was resolved in a more recent version.

3) Verify that JavaScript is enabled within Microsoft Edge settings (Windows Only - More information can be found here -

  • Note: if your system is using Internet Explorer as its native browser, please refer to this article.

4) Removing the Woodpecker Add-In and then reinstalling it. Because it's web-based, there is no installation file to download.

From within Word:

Click on "Insert" > "Add-Ins" > "My Add-Ins" > Click on “….” to remove Woodpecker.

To reinstall Woodpecker, please note that you will need to log back in with your Woodpecker email & password.

To install Woodpecker from our Website: You can install by signing into your account via the dashboard on our site: and then choosing "Open in Word."

Once installed, you'll be able to launch Woodpecker in Word from the Home tab in the Command ribbon:

5) Checking with your IT Help Desk (if applicable) to ensure there aren’t any security settings enabled that disable add-ins. This can be a common practice by IT Teams if your device is managed remotely.

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