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Signing a Woodpecker Template with DocuSign eSignature
Signing a Woodpecker Template with DocuSign eSignature

By using the 2 Word Add-In’s together, you can use DocuSign alongside your Woodpecker Templates to simplify obtaining signatures.

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Please note that the DocuSign Word Add-In needs to be installed in addition to Woodpecker & that you need to be logged into a DocuSign account for this function.

The DocuSign Word Add-In enables you to do the following:

  • Sign a Document


  • Request Signatures.

This is done by going to “DocuSign” on the top menu bar within Word and then selecting your desired option.

  • Signing a Document enables you to use DocuSign’s markup features to add things such as signatures, initials, and stamps to your existing Woodpecker templates.

    • Once complete, you can email them to several recipients or download a pdf copy of the signed document.

  • Requesting Signatures will upload your Woodpecker Template to a DocuSign Envelope. Once your document is uploaded, you will be directed to the DocuSign web page in your browser. Once there, you can add multiple recipients & other documents to your envelope before sending it out.

  • To preview the message or use DocuSign’s markup features before emailing your envelope, click on “Next” at the bottom right corner.

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