Customizing the Woodpecker Action in Zapier

If your Woodpecker Account is not connected, please refer to "Going Further - Connecting the Woodpecker Action within Zapier"

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Once your account is successfully connected, it’s time to set up what Woodpecker will do once Triggered in Zapier. To do this, you iill need to do the following:

1) Select which document (or documents) will be populated

  • Please note that your template will need to be saved to your document collection within Woodpecker to be visible in Zapier

2) Choose “Yes” if you would like to export the document as a PDF (OPTIONAL)

3) Click on Refresh Fields. This step MUST be completed for Zapier to recognize the Woodpecker fields that will be populated.

4) Fill out any new data for its corresponding field if desired.

  • Any fields left blank in Zapier will populate with the default values created in Woodpecker

  • If there are no default values within Woodpecker, the document will populate with the Field Name surrounded in brackets.

5) Once you click on Continue, it is recommended to Test & Review the Action before continuing.

6) You will then see a URL to the ZIP file that is generated once the documents are populated.

7) You can then turn on your Zap if desired. Because the output is a URL to a ZIP file, it is recommended to add at least 1 more step to your Zap to achieve increased efficiency. Most of our users have at least 3 steps in their Workflow

  • Always use the Zip Link when the subsequent application asks for Attachments or Data

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