Connecting the Woodpecker Action within Zapier

Setting up the Woodpecker Action after creating a Trigger application. For now, Woodpecker is used exclusively as an Action within Zapier.

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Once your Trigger application is established and tested, it’s time to set up the Woodpecker Action! The Woodpecker Action within Zapier enables you to do the following:

a. Populate One Document or Multiple Templates Simultaneously.

If populating Multiple Templates, it may take slightly longer to process in Zapier depending on several factors.

  • Number of documents being populated

  • Number of Fields used

  • Internet Connection

b. Overwrite existing data within your Woodpecker fields with new data if desired.

  • Any fields left blank in Zapier will populate with the default values created in Woodpecker

  • If there are no default values within Woodpecker, the document will populate with the Field Name surrounded in brackets.

c. Export as a .docx (default) or .pdf file

To set up the Woodpecker Action:

a. Click on “Choose app and Event” & select Woodpecker

  • Under Action Event, select “Populate Documents”

b. Click on “Choose Account”

  • You will then be prompted to enter your Woodpecker API Key (See screenshots below)

  • This can be accessed by going to your Settings in Woodpecker

    • Click on the 3 Bars at the Top Left Corner

    • Click on Settings

    • Click on “Get API Key”

    • Once Generated, you can copy the API key and paste it into Zapier to complete the choosing of your Woodpecker Account.

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