Temporarily Save Questionnaire Responses

How to start a questionnaire and return to it at a later time without losing your previous responses

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Woodpecker temporarily saves questionnaire responses to the browser as a questionnaire submitter inputs their answers. This convenience feature allows a user to be able to start a questionnaire, then re-visit their progress at a later time. Since these responses can contain sensitive information, this data is encrypted upon saving. When a questionnaire is submitted, the previously saved responses are subsequently deleted.

This feature is enabled automatically. To see this feature in action, simply start a new questionnaire and input some responses. Close the browser window and re-open the same link. You will see your previous answers saved.

Best practices:

  • This feature is designed for short-term, temporary purposes.

  • A user's responses can only be retrieved from the same browser and machine that they started their questionnaire on.

  • A user must have their browser-specific local storage settings enabled. This setting is typically enabled by default, but browser extensions or other security features may disable this setting.

  • If the browser's cache and/or local storage is deleted, then the previously saved responses will be deleted as well.

  • Due to size constraints, Image field data is not saved.

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