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"Image" fields allow you to seamlessly work with images in your Woodpecker templates. By utilizing “Image” fields, you can easily insert company logos and other images that your template may need, further automating the document creation process. Please check out our Pricing Page for additional information surrounding access to image fields.

Key Features:

Creating an image field is just like creating any other Woodpecker field, as demonstrated below. Once your image is uploaded and displayed in the field, you can insert it into your template.

  1. Click on the "+" icon at the top of the main header.

  2. Give your field a name.

  3. Select the "Image" field type.

  4. Place your cursor in the large upload box that says "Click here to upload an image" and click.

  5. This will display your file browser. Select the image you would like to upload.

Tip: An image will be inserted into your template with the exact size/aspect ratio of the original image file. You may need to scale the image beforehand to achieve a desired size/aspect ratio before uploading it into an image field.

*Although Image fields are supported, the documents must be populated as docx files. However, you can manually convert the docx files to pdf after the templates are populated.

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