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Woodpecker is built on AWS (Amazon Web Services) which maintains some of the highest levels of security, redundancy, and quality standards of any cloud services platform on earth. More info on AWS security protocols and standards can be found at this link:

All communications between our applications, APIs, and integrations are encrypted in transit and any data we store is encrypted at rest. Woodpecker utilizes industry-standard security practices and protocols to ensure that data is anonymized & aggregated as much as possible.

Woodpecker maintains redundancy of our applications and data storage across AWS availability zones. Our status page is the most up to date source for any outages across our platform:

Any stored data is obfuscated so raw data cannot be accessed via queries internally or externally. We frequently rotate API access keys & passwords, require multi-factor authentication to access all infrastructure & internal resources, and all infrastructure is protected by several Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs).

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