Creating Address Blocks

Options for using Multiline Text fields or using Word tables or Word text boxes with Woodpecker fields, to create address blocks.

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1) Single Address

Multiline text fields are the simplest way to handle a single address block.

Multiline text fields inherit the styling of the document where they are inserted and recognize hard carriage returns in your input. Thus, they are perfect for constructing a single address block.

If you need to add styling to the text, such as bold, italics, or underline, use a Rich Text field.

Multiline fields consume less memory because they don't require processing, and for that reason, we recommend using that field type if text styling is not required.

NOTE: Rich text fields recognize hard carriage returns, just like Multiline fields, but Word adds a layer of HTML when rendering Rich Text fields.

2) Multiple Addresses

The best way to handle this formatting is to use a table and insert your Multiline address fields into cells in the table. For this example, we created a table with Number of Columns = 2 and Number of Rows = 1, to get two address blocks on the same line.

Create your Multiline text fields and insert into each cell of the table. Change alignment options for the fields in the cells using the Word controls.

Remove borders by clicking on the Table, to activate the Table Design menu in the Word ribbon. Select Borders > No Border.

4. Inserting Address Blocks using a Text Box

Another container you can use for formatting an Address Block is a Text Box.

Go to Insert > Text Box > Draw Text Box

Use your cursor to draw your box where you want it on the document (you can also drag + drop to move it), and insert your Woodpecker fields directly into the Text Box.

Create as many Text Boxes as you'd like:

Remove the borders by clicking on the Text Box, to activate the Shape Format menu in the Word ribbon. Select Shape Outline.

Choose No Outline to remove borders from Text Box.

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