Fields in the document are denoted by square brackets: [field].

To reference a field from another field, we use macros, which are denoted with {curly braces}.

When using macros in a field, you can select the field name from the drop-down and Woodpecker surrounds the fields with {curly braces} for you.

When using macros in clauses, the drop-down isn't available, so you need to replace the [square brackets] in your clause with {curly braces} to activate the macro in your clause.

There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  1. You can copy the full clause into a multiline text field and use the "reference field" drop-down to insert the fields you want to references as macros.

  2. You can use Word's Find + Replace feature. First, you'd find the opening brackets [ and replace with opening curly braces {. Then you'd find the closing brackets ] and replace them with closing curly braces }.

After the macros have been created, copy and paste the clause into the content field of your new clause.

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