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Integration: Using Zapier with Woodpecker
Microsoft Forms
Using Microsoft Forms with Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier
Using Microsoft Forms with Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier

Automatically submit Microsoft Forms data to Woodpecker via Power Automate and Zapier

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As of writing this article, Microsoft Forms doesn't have an integration with Zapier. As such, we can integrate Microsoft Forms with Woodpecker by first setting up a "Flow" in Microsoft Power Automate and then POSTing the form data from Power Automate to Zapier using the Power Automate HTTP Connection and the Zapier Webhook trigger.


Before you begin, you will need a Zapier plan that allows the use of Premium applications. Also, please make sure you have the Microsoft Forms Connector installed. To install, simply navigate to:

  1. Connectors

  2. Enter "microsoft forms" in the search box

  3. Click the version you would like to install

Import the Power Automate Template

Firstly, download the following Zip folder and upload it within the Power Automate interface.

Edit the Power Automate Flow

Edit the Flow that was just created. Then, make sure to test the Flow once ("Test" button in the top right of the screen). Then click into the "Apply to each" box and the "Append to array variable" box. Click on the "Value" input box and click on each field that was submitted via the initial Microsoft Form. Make sure to separate each field value by a comma in the "Value" input box.

Set up the Zapier webhook

Navigate to Zapier and select "Create Zap." As the trigger for your Zap, select "Webhook."

Select "Catch Raw Hook" as the "Trigger Event."

Click the "Copy" button next to the webhook URL.

Add the webhook URL to Power Automate

Navigate back to Power Automate and click the "HTTP" box. Paste the webhook URL you just copied in the "URI" input box and click "Save."

Find the "Test" icon in the top right and test the Flow again.

Test the Zapier webhook

Navigate back to Zapier and click "Test Trigger." You may have to repeat this process (testing the Power Automate Flow and clicking the "Test Trigger" button within Zapier a few times until your test data shows up).

You should see test data that looks something like this:

Map the Microsoft Form data to the Woodpecker Zapier app

At this point, the Microsoft Forms data has been successfully sent to Zapier. Please follow along with our Zapier instructions for a walkthrough on how to map this data to Woodpecker templates via the Woodpecker Zapier app.

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