Organizing the frequently used clauses in your Clause Library and templates stored in your Document Collection is a simple process. Our folder functionality works just like your computer's file system that includes drag and drop capability.

Add a new folder

If you have at least one clause or document, you'll see these two buttons at the bottom of the page. Click "Add folder." You'll then be prompted to give your folder a unique name.

Move files in and out of folders

To select a file to move, hover over it with your cursor. Grab the file by holding down on your mouse, and then drag it in and out of a folder, as illustrated below. 

Edit and delete folders

Hover your mouse over the name of a folder and a series of icons will appear. Click the pencil icon. You'll then be prompted to change the name of the folder.

To delete a folder, click the trashcan icon. You will be asked to confirm if you really want to delete the folder. 

WARNING: If you delete a folder with items in it, all the items in the folder will also be deleted. 

Download documents in a folder (Document Collection only)

If you have at least one document in your folder, a third option will appear when hovering over it. Click the "download" icon to conveniently download all documents located in that folder as a zip file.

"Shared" documents, clauses and folders

Only document and clause administrators (the user who originally created the clause or uploaded the template to the collection) can change its location, rename it or delete it. Similar restrictions apply to folders. If a folder contains at least one item that you are not the administrator for, you cannot delete or edit the name of the folder.

If you are not the administrator of a folder or item, it will be denoted by the "shared" icon, as seen below.

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