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Using multi select fields

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"Multi select" fields allow you to specify a list of predefined options, where any option or combination of options can be selected via a dropdown. When the field is inserted into the document, the values are joined by a separator of your choice.

Use this field type whenever you have a finite set of options for a field and you want to select a combination of them. You can also use macros to pull in the values from the fields.

Sample use cases

  • Selecting a subset of your firm's attorneys in an engagement letter

  • Formatting one field on separate lines (i.e. an address)

  • Inserting selected options on their own page

Create a field

When creating a multi select field, the options may contain static values, references to other fields or clauses, or both.


You can specify the separator that the selected options will be joined by. The “Separator” dropdown within the "Multi select" field will allow you to choose from many pre-defined separator options. These options include:

  1. New Line (default)

  2. Comma

  3. Space

  4. New Page (a page break is inserted in between each selected option)*

*Only available in Word 2016 or later

If none of these options suit your needs, you can create your own custom separator.

To do so, simply enter the separator you want directly into the "Separator" input. Then hit "Enter" or click "Create". Once this separator is created, you can select use it with any other "Multi select" fields in the same document without having to re-create it.

Read more about adding font styling such as bolding, italics, or underlines, to a Multi select field.

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