Special characters in template names

What to expect when using special characters in a template name

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When saving a document to your Document Collection, Woodpecker will automatically set the name of the document in the collection to the name of the file that was uploaded. You can of course always change the name of the document in the collection like this

If the document's file name has any special characters in it (for example í  or ö ), Woodpecker will encode the name of the uploaded document in the collection, such that it looks something like this: ZG9jLmRvY3g . This is due to restrictions on the allowed characters in the name of a document in your collection. 

If your document's filename contains special characters, you have two options:

  1. Change the filename in Word to remove any special characters and save the document to you collection once again.

2. Save the document to your collection and edit the document's name after it has been saved to the collection.

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