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Disable compatibility mode check
Disable compatibility mode check

Disable Woodpecker's automated check for compatibility mode in a document

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Woodpecker automatically checks if the current document is in "compatibility mode" when the app launches. This check can use up a significant amount of system memory if the document is large, contains multiple images, or contains large images. 

If your document is a ".docx" file, is NOT in compatibility mode when opened in a newer version of Word (2016 or newer), and if you're experiencing any performance issues or slowness when using Woodpecker, you may want to disable the compatibility mode check. 

To do so, navigate to the "Settings" page in the Menu:

And toggle "Disable compatibility mode check" to "On":

The "Disable compatibility mode check" setting will be saved with the currently open document and will not affect any other documents you've created. From now on, whenever this document is opened, Woodpecker will not perform its compatibility mode check. 

To turn the compatibility mode check back on, simply navigate to the "Settings" page once again and toggle the setting to "Off."

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