Say you have a Date field called "Date" with the format 02/06/20. And you want to have another Date field that is the same date as "Date" but in a different format, say "February 6, 2020." There is a very easy way to do this using Formula fields and the PARSEDATE  function (more info on available functions in formula fields here).

Below, we'll walk through creating a Date field called "Date" with this format: 01/30/2020 and a formula field called "Date 2" where the format is "January 30th, 2020" instead.

1. Create the "Date" field

We'll just create a date field and leave the format as 02/06/20.

2. Create the "Date 2" field using PARSEDATE 

When creating the "Date 2" field, instead of selecting "Date" as the field type, select "Formula." Then in the formula input box type:


You can learn more about how the PARSEDATE function works here.

Next navigate to the "Format" dropdown and select this format "February 6, 2020" (keep in mind the actual date you see for this format will be different).

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