There are two ways to enforce automatic capitalization of a value within a Woodpecker field: 

One, is to create a separate Formula field that uses the UPPER()  function to capitalize another field's value (more info here). 

Another is to use Word's native auto-capitalization function to enforce capitalization of a selection of text in your document, and when a Woodpecker field is inserted at this location, the Woodpecker field will also automatically become capitalized. We will cover this second method in this guide. More in-depth details about the All Caps Format can be found here.

Set your text to "All caps"

First select the text in your document that you wish to auto-capitalize.

Open the "Font" popup

Press "control + D" (PC) or "command + D" (Mac).

Click the "All caps" checkbox and click the "OK" button in the bottom right.

Insert a Woodpecker field

Now insert your Woodpecker field at the same location as the capitalized text. Any value you provide for this Woodpecker field will automatically become capitalized by Word. 

NOTE: you can also insert a Woodpecker field into the document, select the inserted text and repeat the process above ("command/control + D" and select "All Caps"). This will result in that instance of your field becoming automatically capitalized moving forward.

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