Using conditional inputs with "Simple view"

Create fields in your template that display only when you need them

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Using Woodpecker conditionals and "Simple view" together, you can set up conditional input fields that are only shown or hidden depending on the value(s) specified for one or more other fields. This way you can prompt a consumer of your template for information, depending on the value that they enter for a previous field.

Let's say that you have a field called "Number of companies" and you'd like to prompt the consumer of your template for the name of each company. We'll walk through how to set this up below using a combination of conditional fields, advanced conditional features, and "Simple view" to show/hide input fields for each company name.

1. Create a "Number of companies" field

To start we'll create a single select field called "Number of companies."

2. Create a conditional field for each potential company name

We'll now create a conditional field for each potential company name ("Company name 1", "Company name 2", "Company name 3"). 

When creating each of these fields, we'll want to set up the condition so that it checks if the "Number of companies" field is greater than a number and also set the "THEN type" to "Input" (more info on conditional "THEN types"). 

We'll repeat the above process for "Company name 2" and "Company name 3." We'll then have three company name fields and a field indicating the number of companies. Each company name field should become excluded or included depending on the selection you make for "Number of companies."

3. Turn on "Simple view"

Since we only need to specify company names for the number of companies we've selected, we'll want to hide the irrelevant ones by turning on "Simple view" (more info on "Simple view").

With "Simple view" turned on, we'll only see the fields that require user input when populating the document and we can effectively create conditional input fields that prompt the consumer of your template for different pieces of information depending on a previous selection.

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