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Navigating across instances of a field in your document

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If there are many instances of a field in your document, you may want to navigate through these instances to see where exactly the field is being used. If you find an instance of the field that shouldn't be there, you can simply delete it by selecting the text in the document with your cursor and by pressing the backspace key.

To cycle through each instance of a field first click the "insert field options" dropdown on the left side of any field name and then click the "Show instances" item (note that this option will only show for fields that have been inserted into the document at least once).

You'll be presented with a popup window that will allow you to cycle through the instances of the field. Clicking the "Previous" or the "Next" button will cause Woodpecker to select the next (or previous) instance of the field in the document.

When cycling through instances of a field, Woodpecker will automatically check to see if each instance is still in the document. If an instance is not found, it will be removed from the field. Cycling through the instances of a field is a good way to check that each instance is still in the document and prune any instances that are no longer available from the field.

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