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How to use "simple view" to hide fields that don't require user input

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"Simple view" is a Woodpecker setting that allows you to hide all dynamically calculated fields from your field list so that when it comes to populating your template for a new recipient, you can hide all of the fields that don't require user input (conditional fields, formula fields, hidden fields, and excluded fields for example).

By hiding these dynamically calculated fields, your field list will be significantly simpler to view and use. Additionally, when sharing a template with a colleague it is often helpful for the person populating the template to not have to worry about all of the fields that are automatically calculated and only focus on those that require input.

Turn on "Simple view"

To turn "Simple view" on for a given document, navigate to the "Settings" page from the Woodpecker "Menu" and toggle the "Simple view" setting to "On." When "Simple view" is on, all dynamically calculated fields (conditionals, formulas, and excluded fields) will be hidden from the field list.

Turning off "Simple view"

If "Simple view" is turned on and your document has any dynamically calculated fields, these fields will be hidden from the field list and a message will be shown indicating that some fields have been hidden from view. To view all of the fields for this document, simply click the warning message and turn "Simple view" off.

"Simple view" saves with your document

Turning "Simple view" on or off will automatically save the state of this setting to your document at metadata. Whenever the document is opened with Woodpecker thereafter, the "Simple view" setting will remain in the state that it was last saved in.ย 

For example: if I turn "Simple view" on and send my document to a colleague, they will see the field list in "Simple view" (with dynamically calculated fields hidden) unless they turn "Simple view" off themselves.

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