Because of formatting requirements you may need to have a value (a State or Country for instance) capitalized in your document. Remembering to type out a value in all caps can be error prone and time consuming. 

Thankfully, automatically capitalizing a field value using Woodpecker Formula fields is super simple! We'll walk you through how to automatically capitalize a field using the example below.

1. Create a "State" field

In this example we'll create a new field called "State" but you can skip this step if you already have an existing field that you'd like to capitalize.

2. Create a "State (Capitalized)" field

Next, we'll create another field called "State (Capitalized)" and make it a Formula field. The benefit of having two fields here (one capitalized and one not) is that we can use both of them in our document if there are locations for "State" that need to be in all caps and others that do not. 

When creating the Formula field, set the formula value to the following:


Note that we're referencing the "State" field using a Woodpecker Macro (the name of the field surrounded by brackets) and that we've also surrounded the Macro with double quotes (" ). Whenever we use built in formulas (such as UPPER ) we need to surround the Macro we're referencing with quotes. 

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