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How does Woodpecker compare to HotDocs?
How does Woodpecker compare to HotDocs?

Woodpecker vs. HotDocs

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Many Woodpecker users have used document automation tools in the past (like HotDocs or Contract Express). Many of these tools include much more functionality than the average user needs and require large upfront implementation and training efforts to get started. 

Woodpecker was developed to address the common problems that users experience with large, archaic, and difficult to use document automation platforms. Our goal is to enable you to realize value from Woodpecker as quickly as possible by minimizing the time between "I have a document" to "I have a reusable, standardized, smart-template."

Thanks to our patented Auto-template technology, you can convert an existing document or template to a Woodpecker template in a matter of minutes instead of days (or sometimes months). Additionally, Woodpecker Auto-template can automatically convert any existing HotDocs or Contract Express template directly to a Woodpecker template.

Below are the major differences between Woodpecker and HotDocs: 

Still have more questions about the differences between Woodpecker and other major document automation tools? Get in touch and we'd be happy to tell you why more and more people are switching to Woodpecker.

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