Once you’ve created your custom fields, you’ll need to insert them into the document. You can insert a field into your document as many times as you'd like!

To do this, navigate to an area in your document that you want to place your field. Place your cursor in a specific spot or select existing text and hit the plus icon next to your field. Woodpecker then automatically inserts your field where your cursor was.

Pro tip:  The little number next to each field name is the number of times that the field appears in the document. If the number reads "0" that means that the field has not been inserted into the document yet. 

Once a Woodpecker field has been inserted into your document, you can update the value of the field at any time from within the Woodpecker interface. The more instances of a field you have within your document, the more time you'll save the next time you need to change the field's value.

You can also insert a field into your document using Woodpecker’s “bulk insert” feature. Bulk inserting fields allows you to insert a field at every occurrence of a word or phrase in the document. This is a much more efficient and accurate way to quickly insert a field many times across a document. 

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