Inserting fields into your document

Specify where fields should be inserted in your document

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Once you’ve created your custom fields, you’ll need to insert them into the document. You can insert a field into your document as many times as you'd like.

To do this, place your cursor in a specific spot or select existing text and hit the plus icon next to your field. Woodpecker then automatically inserts your field where your cursor was.

Pro tip:  The number next to each field name counts the number of times the field appears in the document. If the number reads "0" that means that the field has not been inserted into the document yet. 

Once a Woodpecker field has been inserted into your document, you can update the value of the field at any time by entering new data into the Woodpecker side task panel.

For inserting multiple instances of a field, save tons of time by using the Bulk insert function.

Bulk insert automatically inserts a field at every occurrence of a word or phrase in the document, and is one of the best ways to speed up your template building.

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