A Woodpecker field is just like a field in any other template or form. Woodpecker allows you to create as many fields as you like so that you can insert them into your document to indicate the location of dynamic content. For example a field in a document might be "Date", "Client name", or "Client address" — basically information that changes frequently. Click here to learn more about Woodpecker fields.

To create a field, just click the "plus icon" in the top right of the app. 

You'll be presented with a popup that will ask you to enter a field name, field type, as well as other attributes (some of which are optional). Here's more info about these field properties.

Once you click the "Save" button at the bottom of the popup, you'll have a brand new custom field!

You may notice that there is a little "+ 0" button next to your newly created field. The "0" indicates the number of times that this field is being used in the document. 

To insert the field into the document place your cursor where you'd like your field to be inserted in the document and click the "+ 0" button. It's that easy!

Here's more info about inserting fields into your doc.

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