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Creating your first Woodpecker template is incredibly easy. To start, open up any document that you use frequently in Word. Try to find one where the variable information is represented by brackets (like "[Client Name]") or where the variable information has already been filled in (like "John Smith"). 

Next, click the "Woodpecker Automation" button underneath the "Home" tab in your ribbon ("Woodpecker Automation" button not showing up?). Woodpecker will open up on the right side of your screen and you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Woodpecker account. 

You’ll then see a “no fields created yet” screen that will prompt you to “Turn my document into a template.” If you’re opening an existing Woodpecker document, you’ll see a list of fields that have previously been created for the template.

Clicking “Turn my document into a template” will cause Woodpecker to analyze the currently open document and make suggestions for fields that should be created and added to the document. You can accept or reject Woodpecker’s suggestions as well as change the field types of the suggested fields. After the “auto-template” process has completed, you’ll have a complete and ready to use template! (more info on the auto-template process).

See this page for more info on adding additional custom fields to your templates.

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