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How do I save my Woodpecker template?
How do I save my Woodpecker template?

Saving a Woodpecker template

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A Woodpecker document is really just a Word document with super powers. This means that you can treat it just like any other Word document. 

We typically recommend creating a master version of your Woodpecker template to start (just a regular ".docx" not a ".dotx"). Store this master template wherever you like (your computer, cloud drive, etc.)

When you need to populate this template for a new recipient, just open the master template, fill in the information for the recipient, and click "Populate." 

From here, click "File" -> "Save as" in Word and save your document as a new file for the recipient you're preparing the doc for. You'll now have an instance of your master template for you recipient and the master template will remain unchanged.

At this point you can send along the populated document to the recipient in whatever way you like (email, cloud drive, etc.).

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