Inserting Woodpecker fields across your document can be time-consuming, especially if you have fields that are used many times throughout your document (like “Pronoun” or “Client name”). That’s where Woodpecker’s “bulk insert” feature comes in. Instead of manually searching for the proper location for each field in your document, Woodpecker can automatically insert your fields at every location of a word or phrase in the document. 

Simply click the “Bulk insert” option underneath the insert field options dropdown on any field, type in the word or phrase to search for, and click “insert.” Woodpecker will handle the rest.

Compatibility Notice: You’ll need to have Word 2016 or later to use the “bulk insert” feature. The "bulk insert" feature requires the Word API 1.3 Requirement Set which is only available with versions of Word later than Word 2016 (learn more here).

Create your fields

Fist things first, you’ll need to create some fields to insert into your document. If you haven’t already, take a look at this guide to learn more about creating fields. 

Bulk insert your fields

Once you’ve got some fields created, find the “insert options dropdown” on the left side of one of your fields. After clicking the down arrow, you should see an option labeled “Bulk insert.”

Clicking “bulk insert” will open up a popup that will prompt you to enter a word or phrase. Type in a word or phrase for Woodpecker to search for and Woodpecker will insert the selected field at every occurrence of the word or phrase that you specify.  

Note: in the situation pictured, we “uncheck” the “Find whole words only” checkbox because the phrase we’re searching for contains brackets ("[" or "{"). See below for more information on the “Find whole words only” checkbox. 

“Find whole words only”

The “Find whole words only” checkbox is checked by default. When enabled, this setting instructs Woodpecker to search for only whole words and not words that are part of a larger word. Below are examples of how the “Find whole words only” setting functions given a search term. In the “search results” below, the field that was being “bulk inserted” would be inserted at the highlighted portions of text.

“Find whole word only” Enabled

Example document text: “woodpeckers use their bills for making holes in wood”. 

Search term: “wood”

Search results: “woodpeckers use their bills for making holes in wood”.

“Find whole word only” Disabled

Example document text: “woodpeckers use their bills for making holes in wood”. 

Search term: “wood”

Search results:woodpeckers use their bills for making holes in wood”.

A note on brackets

The underlying search mechanism that Woodpecker uses to search through your document for a word or phrase requires that “Find whole words” be DISABLED in order to accurately find terms containing brackets ("[", "]", "{", or "}"). So if the term your searching for contains brackets (for example “[Client name]”), make sure you DISABLE “Find whole words.”

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