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How Does Auto-template Work?
How Does Auto-template Work?

Automatically turn any document into a Woodpecker template

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Woodpecker Auto-template allows you to drastically decrease the time it takes to turn an existing document into a Woodpecker template.  

It utilizes a system of patent-pending AI technologies to automatically analyze your documents for words and phrases that are likely to change like names, dates, addresses, organization names, bracketed text, underlines, and highlighted text.

While it doesn't create more complex fields such as Conditionals and Formulas, it helps get you started with the the most time consuming part of implementing a document automation tool: turning your documents to templates.

By automating parts of the manual template creation process, Woodpecker can also help effectively streamline the process of migrating from an existing document automation platform, such as Contracts Express or HotDocs.

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